The Best First Job is Sales!

We invite you to our sales workshop to be held in our office in Office Garden (1117 Budapest, Alíz street 1., Building A, 7th floor), starting at 17:00 PM, on the 23rd of January, 2020. If you wish to attend the workshop, please fill out the registration form below.



Workshop description

We strongly believe SALES is the best 1st job, because:

  • We can now sell ourselves
  • We became great at communicating
  • We became organised
  • We got to know how to analyse what is around us
  • We became confident, liked and trusted
  • We became networking pros
  • We learnt to appreciate the little things in life and became happier
  • We found strategies that worked for us in both our jobs and our personal lives
  • We found the SECRET to make things happen around us 

This workshop will aim to provide practical insights about each of these areas and how you might be able to incorporate them in your work or life. You will get a chance to understand what works for you based on your personality and characteristics, therefore this workshop is going to be highly personalized.

Those who would find the workshop interesting possess the following qualities:

  • Brave-hearted with full of positivity
  • A good deal of emotional intelligence with a passion for people
  • A desire to build connections across the globe to spread the value of Next-Gen Technologies
  • Hungry for continuous-learning and self-development
  • You are ready and happy to take the initiative to reach out through calls, emails, and social media.
  • Great English language skills (other languages are a plus)
  • Fresh university graduates or students

Our blog post about the workshop:

There is also a chance for the attendees to be considered to our future talent pool.


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