We, as an international sales and marketing agency, generate leads, close deals...

...but where does our drive, our enthusiasm come from?

We believe in a world of abundance. A world with infinite opportunities for technology to improve upon our business, personal lives and natural environment. Great ideas deserve to spread, get known and be applied widely to the benefit of all. Infinityn facilitates this process for ideas of technology. 

We interface between great ideas of technology and people / businesses / institutions that utilize them and benefit from their applications. We handcraft and tailor our approach to each of our partners and our partners’ partners (clients / end users).

We facilitate the business generation process of our partners (the inventors and businesses of technology ideas and products) by helping them design the strategy of international commercialization and we take an active role in the execution thereof. Our business model is results-driven and encompasses an integrated approach of inbound sales-marketing, business development, channel development and target account selling.

Do YOU have such a technology idea / product? We want to help you spread it. Let’s talk!