CallPage engages your website visitors and facilitates an immediate conversation!

Every website visitor is a potential customer. Talk to them before they leave your website!

It’s simple: extremely fast callbacks and inbound marketing empower Startups and Scaleups with sales leads, and give rise to an exceptional customer experience. 

Converting website visitors to leads and customers was always a challenge. One of the reasons  is the lack of real interaction between a website visitor and the Startup. Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk to your website visitors and explain your product or service to them like you would in person?

Callpage is the solution for this problem. It enables your potential customers to connect with you in 28 seconds via telephone for free, no matter where they are in the world. Basically if a website visitor shows interest in your product, a pop-up window appears to them offering a free 28 second callback. If they provide their phone number, the system will connect them with someone from your team. The product also offers useful analytics tools, after-hours mode that lets the visitor schedule a call during your working hours, and it has an attractive, fully customizable design. The best part about it, is that no matter what country the caller is located in, the call is completely free for both parties. 

Mobile internet usage passes desktop globally, meaning that most of your potential customers are looking at your website from their phones. So why not take advantage of it and provide them with the option to talk to you directly over the phone? Over 2,200 businesses are already using this solution and converting their website visitors to happy customers every day, all around the world.  Callpage is the simplest and most cost-effective way to start your Startup’s global expansion!  

  • Get up to an additional 125% of your leads on the phone
  • Convert more website visitors and close more deals- even after working hours
  • Analyze your calls and get data and website behavior insights
  • Provide free phone connection to all your visitors and customers worldwide

Step 1:  Your potential customer clicks the CallPage button on your website 

Step 2:  A pop-up prompts your potential customer to provide their phone number

Step 3: The Widget connects them straight to your consultant

Step 4: The consultant talks with your potential customer over a mobile phone, landline phone or SIP

Step 5: You have a new happy customer!



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