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Insight and market intelligence, Know what moves the needle for prospects, Uncover opportunities in the competitive landscape

Realizing your market potential starts with uncovering insight

“A strategy is only as viable as the intelligence it rests on.”

...and a sales campaign is no different. 

Breakthroughs are the result of new insight. In business growth, a breakthrough is always preceded by a new illumination; an alternative understanding of the marketplace, prospects’ psychology, competitors or tools. 

Therefore, a breakthrough-campaign or strategy needs to start with the search for fresh knowledge, truths and insight.

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Insight is necessary; how is it best obtained? 


For tech enterprises, it makes sense to outsource Growth Research for several reasons:

The special skills and tools needed to do research right, evolve constantly;
The personality and strengths of a good researcher differ vastly from that of a good salesperson. When sales people are made to do research, everyone suffers - and so do the results.

Unbiased thinking and new insight comes easier for a researcher outside of an organization… with vast industry-experience.


Real insights, fast. Although uncovering intelligence takes time, using Infinityn speeds up the process and maximises the use of your internal resources.  

Here are just of few of the “aha’s” our clients experience from the intelligence provided by the Infinityn Insight growth research service:

  • Know what moves the needle for your prospects. Define and gain a thorough understanding of your buyer persona’s psychographics and internal decision-making process.
  • Take the guesswork out of market-entry and product launches: heatmap research What markets demand your product? Where is it likely to be a success? And how do you need to alter messaging in different locations? 
  • Uncover opportunities in the competitive landscape with a deep-dive competitor analysis
  • Get a large scrupulously selected and verified prospect list. Lead gen success starts with thorough research of each prospect.


The Guarantee is the Method

Our growth research methodology is part of the SPS3 framework for sales development. These processes are responsible for surprising results that have raised eyebrows in enterprise boardrooms. 

New competitive intelligence for your sales organization


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