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Careers at Infinityn

Copy Editor / Copywriter

We are in search of a skilled Copy Editor / Copywriter. In this role, you will be responsible for developing content to address customer’s business challenges and objectives. You have mastered matching and changing tone and voice to bring out customer’s brand and personality. Additionally, you create content that integrates keyword research to drive search optimization. Your content expertise is honed to deliver results in B2B technology space.


In this role, you will:

  • Research and develop content based on customer’s identified challenges and objectives
  • Create and edit a variety of content (website page copy, premium content offers, blog posts, etc.) and map out new ways to repurpose (i.e. a blog post into a YouTube video) to amplify the organization’s message.
  • Understand inbound marketing methodologies
  • Maintain content tools and flow copy into content management system
  • Be responsible for quality control over all delivered content
  • Work in lockstep with the Inbound and SEO team to create an editorial calendar to drive leads
  • Maintain customer retention by solving for the customer
  • Ensure scope and budget are met
  • Ensure customer success by exceeding expectations
  • Serve as a brand enthusiast for our clients' suite of products and solutions
  • Help build and manage partner relationships

You need to have:

  • A LOVE for writing
  • Interest in learning and gaining mastery of SEO fundamentals
  • Exceptional business writing skills, including ability to quickly change tone/voice between projects
  • Strong grammar skills, and ability to successfully complete written work efficiently
  • Some experience with a startup is preferred
  • The drive to successfully grow relationships and creating customer success
  • The interest in keeping current with copywriting and content strategies, best practices, and associated resources
  • Self motivation, self awareness, self discipline, self improvement, use of good judgment, positive energy and the willingness to help others
  • The ability to adapt and create proactive change


  • HubSpot Inbound certification required (can be completed anytime prior to start date)
  • Preferred Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism or Communication


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