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How to Choose a Lead Generation & Outbound Prospecting Service Provider

Posted by Infinityn on Jan 15, 2020 12:43:27 PM

X Factors to look for when Choosing a 3rd Party Vendor

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How to Define a Sales-Qualified Lead

Posted by Infinityn on Jan 7, 2020 5:54:49 PM

Sales team having business presentation in office

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Infinityn International & Aircall: A perfect match

Posted by Infinityn on Nov 25, 2019 5:24:57 PM

Last week, our friends at Aircall worked with us on a success story that you can read here! We had a great chat with the folks there in order to collaborate on this article and we’re excited to share the final result with you all today. Infinityn International & Aircall have enjoyed a very productive relationship and we utilize their top VoIP solution as we connect leading technology vendors with global enterprises around the world. We build dedicated outsourced outbound sales development teams for our clients and one of the tools we put into their sales tech arsenal is Aircall’s cloud-based phone system. Thanks a lot to Erica Davidson & Collin Cadmus for helping bring this story to life.

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Thanks to AIESEC & Corvinus

Posted by Infinityn on Oct 25, 2019 12:09:15 PM


The sales workshop we hosted at Corvinus University last week was a highly productive affair. We at Infinityn are proud to have had the opportunity to meet a group of such engaged and motivated AIESEC students from Hungary, Brazil, Serbia, Russia, Egypt and across Europe. Thanks to our own Eva Eperjesi for organizing the event and to our partners at Corvinus for hosting. A great turnout and we hope to have another workshop as soon as possible to connect with all those who want to learn more about becoming a sales professional.

Why did we get into sales? It’s a rewarding career for people from all walks of life who are looking to have an immediate impact, to grow their professional networks, to develop themselves and their entrepreneurial instincts.

While some of us came to Infinityn as experienced salespeople, many of us joined as former academics, after serving in the military, having spent some time running our own businesses, after lengthy periods of travelling abroad, while we were completing our university degrees and of course shortly after graduating. We all recognized the sales profession as a fantastic launching pad to reach our personal goals and we saw Infinityn as a place where we could thrive.

Working in sales teaches you a lot—from how a business operates and generates revenue to how decisions are made, how people communicate and how to negotiate. Cultivating the skillset necessary to succeed in this world opens doors for all future endeavours.

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Why is Sales the Best 1st Job? Workshop, October 17th

Posted by Infinityn on Oct 14, 2019 6:44:05 PM

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be hosting a sales workshop at Corvinus University of Budapest this Thursday (October 17th) and we’re looking forward to seeing you all there.

We appreciate this opportunity to give back to our local community and to share our experiences as a premiere enterprise sales development agency. For the past year, we’ve been centralizing international talent here at our Budapest headquarters, a centrally based hub from which the growing Infinityn team has made it our mission to help global, high-tech companies realize the full potential of their market outreach. We’re all happy to share the full breadth of our experiences working on behalf of global organizations with entrepreneurial-minded students and young professionals.

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