Infinityn International is a dynamic, result-oriented, forward-thinking sales and marketing agency based in Budapest, Hungary. Founded in 2016.  We are the 1st Hubspot Agency in CEE focusing on High-Tech Startup and Scaleup Companies.

Robert Bukits

Founder, Managing Director

Highly motivated, customer-partner focused, strategic-minded, result-oriented international business leader with 25 years proven track record in high-tech industries.

Strongly believes in the power of B4B partnerships which creates infinite business possibilities for our partners and our partner's customers. In this new value chain, we work towards a common goal of ever-greater end-customer satisfaction.

Tamas Motajcsek

Business Development Director

International business and marketing strategist with 18 years of hands-on experience in generating and sustaining partnerships, creating sales and marketing initiatives to grow business on a global scale.

Passionate about Startups, Emerging Tech, IoT, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, 3D Printing, Life Sciences, Omnichannel, e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, International Business Development.

Orsolya Doricsak

Client Success Manager

Science and Technology/Engineering communication specialist to support startups and emerging organizations in science management, marketing, and communications development. Orsi has a solid knowledge of strategic communication, PR, and online communications gained from experience at multinational companies, NGOs, and PR agencies in Hungary, France, Turkey, and the United States.

Passionate about educating the next generation of STEAM professionals, emerging companies in STEAM areas, Internationals SciComm, Science Management, and Science Policy.

Kevin Jackson

Content Director

Distinguished International business and marketing strategist with over 20 years of experience generating and sustaining global business partnerships. Entrepreneurial expert with outstanding record of developing new business concepts and strategies, creating global sales and marketing initiatives while leveraging social media strategies to grow business on a global scale.

A creative team builder with keen negotiating skills and focus on scalable, innovative customer marketing solutions utilizing the latest technologies. Kevin loves writing and leads the content team at Infinityn.

Zsolt Renyi

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Dan Zsolt Renyi has led and deployed digital marketing and mega-campaigns for a number of tech startups… and a few mammoths too. His sweetspot is mission-driven companies, who are open to outside-the-box thinking. He has a particular passion for products and services that are hard to explain, let alone, sell :)

Klaudia Meszaros

Inbound Sales & Marketing Consultant

Klaudia strongly believes in the power of digital marketing and social selling in helping startups to become global scaleup organizations. She invigorates the Infini-team with her creative mind, vision for all things visual, and all-ears eagerness to develop her professional skills in inbound.

She graduated at Budapest Business School with a specialty on (e-)Retail communication, and she is now an MSc candidate in Marketing at the Corvinus University of Budapest.

Istvan Lakatos

Business Development Manager for the Americas - Miami (FL)

Istvan facilitates the expansion of European and American startups into each other's markets by catalyzing their buyers with a diverse, personalized combination of inbound and outbound sales strategies.

Strongly believes in the effectiveness of digital marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization for generating sales leads, especially for Startups and new businesses.

Felix Welker

Business Development Manager for the DACH region

Felix is passionate about growing and building businesses globaly. He develops business ties between the DACH region and the global ecosystem.

Due to his high interest in different cultures and people, he can speak 3 languages fluently and was able to collect international work experience.

- Today it's important to be present, be relevant and add value -

Kübra Paksoy

Inbound Sales & Marketing Consultant

Kübra is newly graduated from English Economics Department at Pamukkale University in Turkey, with a strong focus on marketing.

In her last year at the college, she started writing her own blog about places she visited, and in the meantime, she also realized the power of social media. She is keen on learning more about the world of inbound and creating amazing things in all things digital.

Balint Mezei

Inbound Marketing Strategist

Inbound Marketing Strategist with previous Startup experiences. Currently studying Commerce and Marketing - Marketing Management at Budapest Business School.

Balint considers himself an extremely lucky person: his job is his passion. He wants to become an inbound marketing guru who always is on top of his profession and is able to offer up to date solutions and ideas to his clients.

Jessica Löscher

Inbound Sales & Marketing Consultant

Being an International Business student with a focus on marketing in Germany, she is currently studying abroad at Corvinus University of Budapest. Jessica is passionate about entrepreneurship, strategic marketing, and a client-focused sales approach.

In her opinion, striving for excellence is key to the success of any businesses. Therefore she is committed to achieve the best possible results for Infinityn's clients and support them with her marketing experience.

Rizki Muhidin

Inbound Sales & Marketing Consultant

Rizki is currently an MSc candidate in Marketing at the Corvinus University of Budapest. He received a scholarship from Stipendium Hungaricum, the Hungarian Government’s global awards programme.

Rizki has a deep understanding of marketing and communication, with almost 3 years of experience working in media agencies, handling reputable accounts such as Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, and Rolex. His expertise is in managing multiple brands, setting up objectives and strategic delivery methods, building trust among stakeholders, as well as his ability for developing business. Outside of his career and education, Rizki has a profound interest in traveling and photography.

Cintly Malinalli Quiroz

Inbound Sales & Marketing Consultant

Working in a multinational environment for over 5 years, Cintly has discovered the power of customized communication, being mindful of the cultural differences in language and tone when addressing different nationalities.

She strongly believes that Inbound Marketing is the perfect tool to beat the challenge of a multicultural audience. She is keen to deepen her knowledge of Inbound Marketing Tools and be able to use them to allow great ideas and businesses reach their target market.

Mendel Ikits

Inbound Sales & Marketing Consultant

Bilingual, multifaceted third-year initiate studying business & management at Corvinus University of Budapest. Infuses his American upbringing and managerial experience in the world's largest global student organization to create value-based, exponentially prospering partnerships in the startup sector and beyond.

Stands up for diversity as the key to growth and consistently strives to deepen his own knowledge in inbound marketing, organizational development and a plethora of other topics.

Abris Simon

Web Developer

Motivated Web Developer, currently a second-year student as a Computer Economist at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Started taking an interest in web development as a hobby 2 years ago and was lucky enough that it became his job.

In his opinion, a powerful and engaging website is among the most powerful assets a business can have. His goal is to provide you with that strong asset.

Huba Gaspar

Content Marketing, HubSpot Technical Support Engineer

Huba Gaspar does content marketing and HubSpot technical support for Infinityn and is also Solution Engineer at personalization provider, Gravity R&D. He holds degrees in journalism and marketing and is interested mainly in topics and fields at the intersection of marketing and technology, mainly web development and personalization technologies.

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