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What is the one thing that would provide the greatest leverage for your sales team?

If you’re reading this, the question probably excites and energizes you. This has also been our quest throughout our decades in international tech sales. You’ll likely agree that nothing moves the needle like opening doors for your sales people at big companies. Putting meetings in peoples’ calendars with interested prospects consistently is what ultimately leads to hitting and exceeding your targets - and this is exactly what Infinityn does for you.

We changes the game for enterprise software companies; working with us will get you sales-qualified enterprise leads; fast, at scale. Your senior sales staff will spend more time with real prospects, focused on what they’re best at: closing deals. What will they not do after you start working with Infinityn? They’ll stop chasing talent, micromanaging and prospecting hectically in their “spare time” between putting out fires.

Our exec team has a track record of driving hundreds of millions of dollars in pipeline & sales. We have a pretty good idea about how to get your sales people in enterprises’ meeting rooms. That’s why we’ve created Infinityn - the outbound prospecting company for enterprise software sales teams. If you have ambitious expansion goals, we implement the Sales Pipeline as a Service - SPS3 Mechanism - which is a new arm for your sales organization. As a result, you’ll get a steady stream of sales qualified leads in a matter of weeks.

There is an art and science to making outbound prospecting work, and Infinityn was created to provide a unique approach specially for software companies serving enterprises. Great sales execs aren’t shy about their ambitious goals. They cultivate the belief that there is always more out there for their company, so the only thing separating them from The Goal is decisive action.

To learn about SPS3, the only outbound methodology created specifically for getting sales-qualified enterprise leads for software companies, get in touch with us below.

The Leadership Team

Robert Bukits
Managing Director

Highly motivated, customer focused, strategic-minded international business leader with 25 years proven track record in high-tech global industries. Strongly believes in the power of B4B partnerships which creates infinite business possibilities for our clients and our client's customers. In this value chain, we work towards a common goal of ever-greater end-customer satisfaction.

Ronald David
Client Success Director

An executive with over 15 years expertise in Domestic, Regional and Global-level Start-up’s, SME’s, Enterprises’ and MNC’s across Project & Operations Management, Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Customer Services. Ronald Holds an MBA from The University of Wales with a career spanning from moulding & leading teams to setting up & managing Regional BU’s, BPO’s & Contact Centers.

Tamas Motajcsek
Business Success Director

International business and marketing strategist with a global mindset, strong passion and commitment. Extensive enterprise software sales & marketing experience from HP, Gravity, Infinityn & AVEVA, with a strong track record in generating and sustaining global business partnerships, developing new business concepts and strategies, creating sales and marketing initiatives to grow business on a global scale.

Éva Eperjesi
HR & Office Manager / Happiness Manager

Over 15 years of operational experience in multinational companies from various industries. Educated in Andragogy as well as Life and Business Coaching. As an HR and Office Manager, Éva believes that business success is based on people, the human resource and the right operational background. She is always hungry for knowledge and her mission is to ensure employee satisfaction and to create an environment where creative processes add value to business success.


Infinityn enables you to reap the maximum your technology has to offer for truly global markets. With the experience we have gained in Enterprise-level, Technical & Global sales we can share our expertise to fine-tune your sales strategy and take the burden off the cumbersome day-to-day prospecting, so you can immediately dive into discussions with pre-qualified, warm leads.

The H2H Enterprise

We know that sales development is, above all, a human-centered enterprise . We come from different walks of life representing the true meaning of a global team. We take pride when we call ourselves ‘tech-savvy’. Most of all, we strive to unleash the complexity in B2B sales development with a proven human-to-human (H2H) approach.

The Digital Engine

At Infinityn we’ve got a superior knowledge working with proven as well as the latest digital tools in our work. Our results can attest to how we communicate your message through multiple channels and create a unique prospecting journey using the best tools available tailored to fit your corporate goals and values.

The Art Of Infinityn

Our established processes, state-of-the-art digital tools and know-how constitute the backbone of our sales development services. This internally-developed methodology will show you how we maximise personal engagement opportunities with your ideal future customers while staying true to our human-centric belief.

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