Robert Bukits
Managing Director

Highly motivated, customer focused, strategic-minded international business leader with 25 years proven track record in high-tech global industries. Strongly believes in the power of B4B partnerships which creates infinite business possibilities for our clients and our client's customers. In this value chain, we work towards a common goal of ever-greater end-customer satisfaction.

Ronald David
Client Success Director

An executive with over 15 years expertise in Domestic, Regional and Global-level Start-up’s, SME’s, Enterprises’ and MNC’s across Project & Operations Management, Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Customer Services. Ronald Holds an MBA from The University of Wales with a career spanning from moulding & leading teams to setting up & managing Regional BU’s, BPO’s & Contact Centers.

Tamas Motajcsek
Business Success Director

International business and marketing strategist with a global mindset, strong passion and commitment. Extensive enterprise software sales & marketing experience from HP, Gravity, Infinityn & AVEVA, with a strong track record in generating and sustaining global business partnerships, developing new business concepts and strategies, creating sales and marketing initiatives to grow business on a global scale.

Sales-Pipeline-as-a-Service (SPaaS)

Infinityn enables you to reap the maximum your technology has to offer for truly global markets. With the experience we have gained in Enterprise-level, Technical & Global sales we can share our expertise to fine-tune your sales strategy and take the burden off the cumbersome day-to-day prospecting, so you can immediately dive into discussions with pre-qualified, warm leads.

The H2H Enterprise

We know that sales development is, above all, a human-centered enterprise . We come from different walks of life representing the true meaning of a global team. We take pride when we call ourselves ‘tech-savvy’. Most of all, we strive to unleash the complexity in B2B sales development with a proven human-to-human (H2H) approach.

The Digital Engine

At Infinityn we’ve got a superior knowledge working with proven as well as the latest digital tools in our work. Our results can attest to how we communicate your message through multiple channels and create a unique prospecting journey using the best tools available tailored to fit your corporate goals and values.

The Art Of Spaas

Our established processes, state-of-the-art digital tools and know-how constitute the backbone of our sales development services. This internally-developed SPaaS methodology will show you how we maximise personal engagement opportunities with your ideal future customers while staying true to our human-centric belief.

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